ACUE-credentialed faculty are making a difference.

They’re learning about and implementing the evidence-based practices that improve student engagement, persistence to graduation, and deeper levels of learning.

Recent Impact Stories

Beyond Co-Requisites: Math Success at Cal State LA
When Executive Order 1110 required the end of remedial math across the California State University system by Fall 2018, Cal State LA designed and implemented a comprehensive plan that has resulted in 25% increases in completion and an achievement gap closed.

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From “Weeding Out” to “Belonging” at NAU
Bio 181 is also a required gateway for 25 majors at Northern Arizona University. The course was also known as a “weed out” course, with a 30% drop out rate. Learn how an ACUE-credentialed biology lecturer worked with her NAU colleagues to complete redesign the course for student success.
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Better Grades at Rutgers-Newark

The Rutgers University–Newark P3 Collaboratory is bringing together scholars to promote student and faculty success. A recent study found that students were significantly more likely to earn A, B, or C grades in courses taught by ACUE-credentialed faculty than in comparison classes, and completion rates were higher.
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Independent Review

Independent Research Review: “Impressive” Findings

This expert assessment of impact studies published to date found “an impressive body of work,” with a “range, depth, and rigor [that]… reinforces the link between faculty development, teaching improvement, and student learning.” Reviewers noted the variety of settings “provided a diverse laboratory in which to track faculty and student outcomes,” and that “it is much more likely that grades and completion rates went up because [ACUE-credentialed] faculty became better at teaching.”

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ACUE Research Review Findings 2019