Slide "ACUE not only shows and reminds faculty what excellent teaching is,
it also offers the tools and techniques to achieve that level of teaching.
I was so energized after going through the entire ACUE program."
-Cindy Blackwell, Assistant Professor and Associate Director,
University of Southern Mississippi
Southern Miss
Slide “ACUE’s course complements the existing faculty development initiatives
on campus by providing practical teaching techniques that can be readily
incorporated into your everyday classroom experience.”
-Yasmin Patell, Professor of Chemistry, Kansas State University
Slide "Preparing students for global citizenship starts with instructional excellence.
This partnership with ACUE recognizes and supports the role that effective
instruction plays in student success and is central to our University’s mission."
-Kevin Carman, Executive Vice President and Provost,
University of Nevada, Reno
Slide "For the past two years I’ve taught, I’ve had great student evaluations, and
the ACUE course is part of that. This course helps the teacher to effectively
harness the potential of students in the classroom—to help students be able
to take ownership and leadership in and outside of the classroom."
-Binneh Minteh, Adjunct Professor, Rutgers University – Newark Rutgers Newark
Slide "I’m immensely proud of receiving this certificate because it’s evidence
of job qualification. If I were on a committee to hire faculty, I would
look for ACUE certification."
-Simon Holzapfel, Clinical Assistant Professor of Nutrition,
Arizona State University
Slide As I’ve implemented the techniques taught in the ACUE program,
the effectiveness of my teaching has increased exponentially.
-Emma Bullock, Assistant Professor of Education,
Sam Houston State University


ACUE’s college and university partnerships are formed through a collaborative process with an institution’s leaders, student success team, teaching center staff, and faculty. This consultative process identifies goals and priorities, implementation timelines, and measurable outcomes. The result is a deep commitment to the success of your faculty, students, and institution.

Every ACUE partnership includes:

Partnership Design

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Academic Support

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Impact Research

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Lifelong Learning

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